Chloe, our Big Brother and Big Sister Book ambassador, and myself on the "How to" video shoot for the Big Brother and Big Sister Books.

Chloe, our Big Brother and Big Sister Book ambassador, and myself on the "How to" video shoot for the Big Brother and Big Sister Books.


It all started when...

My writing career was more like an evolution and still is, as opposed to a direction. Writing was not something I had aspired to, but rather a vehicle that might take me to where I wanted to go, to share and inform with other’s ideas, concepts, understandings and feelings; therapy of a sort for me.
As a member of the USA International Track & Field team, I was afforded the opportunity to visit many foreign countries, experience culture, people, architecture, and foods alien to my world.

The more I traveled, read and learnt, the more I thought I might have something to offer others. Photography was my first tool of choice for story telling at that time. I coupled my science background from the University of Rhode Island with my passion for photography; skills that allowed me to work with Leica Camera in presenting photo workshops, and international photo safari’s. Underwater was my photographic passion. I created an underwater housing for the R7. I was the first to utilize Leica photographic equipment in such aquatic environments.

With the help of Leica, I was able to pique several lecture presentations and a gallery showing at the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History, prompting me to write simple and informative captions regarding the imagery displayed.

With a testimony of my work in hand, I displayed at regional and local environmental shows; whereby I was asked by a viewer if I could write about the how, what, when and where, the who and why of my imagery. A week later and for the next year and a half I wrote a column called, “Wild Things” for The Gannett newspaper chain.

The caveat of showing an ability to meet a timetable and produce consistent content opened up the doors for me to write / photograph for numerous magazines, including but not limited to Sport Diver, Skin Diver, Canadian Sports Fishing, Vivid Light, and a multitude of others.

These in turn opened other doors. I have written two books for the US Department of Interior, Wetland Species of New England and Endangered Species of the Chesapeake, both young reader books; Focus on Nature, and my 4th title, Loving Nature the Right Way, a recipient of the acclaimed National Ben Franklin Award.

Hold on to your dreams as I did when I was inspired to write Big Sister Book (Big Brother Book) over 20 years ago. A story about how important it is to become an older sibling; for my daughter Jacqueline, about her soon-to-be brother William. Now in print with a message and dynamic, more important than ever before.

I still lecture about photography and creative writing, it’s nice to see faces light up when the audience realizes they know more than they realized. It’s life‘s journey that needs to be lived, not the destination we arrive at.